Voicemail Messaging

You can leave voicemail messages for your inmate at any time through our Prepaid Account service, as long as voicemail services are available at that facility. This service is available to you 24/7, allowing you to leave a voicemail at your convenience. This is another way that ICSolutions is opening the lines of communication between you and your loved one.

Setting up a free Prepaid Account is easy. Simply click here or call one of our friendly customer care representatives at 888.506.8407. We have bilingual  (English and Spanish) representatives ready to assist you.

Voicemail messaging benefits:

• Voicemail allows you to contact the inmate at your convenience.

• You can leave a voicemail message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Your loved one will receive your 30-second message without having to place a call to retrieve the message.

• As a Prepaid Account holder, you can leave a voicemail for any incarcerated person in the facility that you have an account with.

• Each correctional facility has its own local toll-free Inmate Voicemail Number. This unique number is provided at the facility.

When you call the Inmate Voicemail Number, you will be prompted to enter your Prepaid Account information to confirm the availability of prepaid phone services. You will then be prompted to enter the inmate ID or enter the first 3 letters of the inmate’s last name to retrieve an inmate listing. After selecting an inmate from the listing, you will be prompted to record your voicemail message. The message will be immediately available for retrieval by your inmate.

 Please click here to learn more about this service.